Setting up a profitable professional Ebay/Amazon Store

Back in September we wrote how Independent Retailers can fight back against Amazon and Ebay.Essentially its a case of if you can’t beat them join them ! Both offer access to a very large market place for your goods and services.

Since then we have helped several clients set up their own Ebay and Amazon Stores so they can trade profitably and effectivey . We also help clients with ongoing management of their listings and sales.There is a great example here. Its important for you have a professional store front to reflect your business’s brand and maximise your potential return.Its also important that you undertsand the rules of each marketplace and how to price and sell your products correctly.We can help you navigate all the pitfalls and maximise sales and profits.

We can offer the same service you Contact Us for more details,information and fees.

You can see the article at Amazon and Ebay


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