What does your business have in common with Sky,BBC,ITV,Netflix etc ?

Well unless you are a Media business the answer might appear to be not much. In fact you have a lot more in common than you think. The key to great Marketing especially online is authentic original content for your Blog or Website.Essentially this is about having something interesting to say about your business, business sector and or area of expertise.

This means more than just talking about your products and services as great as they may be. Authentic and original (creative) content will attract potential customers to your Blog,Website or Social Media profile. Repeating or copying content from elsewhere will see a rapid drop in engagement with potential customers.

So whats the connection with high profile Media Companies like Sky,Netflix and the BBC? Well they have the same challenge the search for authentic and original content.Whether its the next Game of Thrones,Orange is the New Black or Champions League Football content is critical to their business.

You need to think the way they do and always be looking for your next blockbuster.There are lots of ways to do this and they depend on how creative you are.If you are not you can engage a Content Creator/Curator like me,use other team members and or use Guest Bloggers too.Just remember Content is King.

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