Is making your site Mobile friendly really critical ?

Google rolled out one of its regular updates to its search algorithm on 21st April this will penalise websites that have not been optimised for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.Cue lots of lurid headlines and the hashtag #mobilegeddon.

“As people increasingly search on their mobile devices, we want to make sure they can find content that’s not only relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens,” a Google spokesperson said.’….we’ll use a web page’s ‘mobile-friendliness’ as one of many factors to help rank searches done on mobile devices.’

So what does this mean for your website? Well its definitely very important but there are two key factors you need to bear in mind.Firstly its one key factor and there are others.Secondly you need to ask how much your site relies on its natural rankings for traffic.

If you have a statistics package installed on your website you can see where your traffic comes from.There are many sources : Natural Searches in Google,Pay Per Click Advertising,Other Online Ads,Referrals from other websites and traffic from Social Media.

So its not quite the game changer that some would say.It is important though.

If you are concerned about how this will affect your business please get in touch for a free consultation. contact us .


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