Why Mobile Internet use is troubling Google and Facebook and why it should concern you ?

You may have noticed in the news that both Facebook and Google share prices have struggled recently .On the face of it this is a puzzle ? Google is the dominant player in the search market and Facebook announced it had reached 1 billion users .

The reason is the growth is Mobile access to the net specifically the Smartphone which allows users to view websites more easily than a pc or even a laptop can. According to the Office for National Statistics internet use is now nearing 50% of all internet traffic. 

The problem with mobile internet use is that there is a lot less room on screen to display ads so the advertising revenues from mobile are much less . It also means that traffic to the PC and Laptop versions of their sites is falling and so the amount they can charge for pay per click advertising is reducing too .As this trend is set to continue both Facebook and Google needs to find a way of fixing this and earning more revenue for mobile or ‘monetising’ it.Some investors doubt they will be able to do this hence the fall in share prices.

Whats does this mean for your business in terms of your online and inbound marketing ?

Well traditional online and inbound marketing like ,pay per click advertising,email marketing and search engine optimisation remain,important. However you need to start bringing mobile into your marketing plans. You should make sure you have a mobile version of your website created and perhaps consider an app version to promote your products and services.It also puts an even heavier emphasis on social media like Twitter,Facebook,You Tube and LinkedIn as engagement with potential clients for these areas is becoming more and more powerful.

If you would like a free review of your online marketing activities to help with the rise of mobile Contact Us .

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