Do voters behave like customers ?



Social Media is becoming the digital campaign tool of choice for political campaigning .In recent years I have done more work for political clients seeking election and re-election .

Internationally we saw the Social Media success of the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012 .More recently Bernie Sanders ran Hilary Clinton a lot closer for the 2016 Democratic Party Nomination than anticipated .Last year saw Justin Trudeau and Canadian Liberal Party surge to power on the back of a great Social Media campaign .In the UK  the Scottish National Party use Social Media very effectively with considerable electoral success .

For the current UK European Referendum Campaign the #StrongerIn side have put a lot of faith in Facebook. ads in the five days #VoteLeave is less digital in its approach maybe because its key demographic is older .

In digesting the lessons of our own of work on political campaigns use versus that we do for  commercial customers the big question is ? Is Voter behaviour the same as Consumer behaviour?

That’s a good question my view is they are largely similar but commercially its a monetary transaction . Whereas a voter in a negative scenario might vote one particular way as a protest or in dysfunctional electoral systems like the UK tactically .Do customers buy something to ‘hurt ‘ their favourite brand or buy tactically to affect a Market outcome.

It would be nice to hear from anyone else what they think ?


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