New .uk domain names launched what does it mean for your business ?

As you will remember from previous updates there are many new domain name suffixes being launched this year.The latest is the .uk domain name Nominet, the non-profit company that manages UK web addresses, has officially made .uk addresses available from Tuesday.

The move brings the UK into line with most other countries, which offer domains ending in two-letter suffixes, such as, for example, .de for Germany and .fr for France. Until now, British top-level domains were longer, including, and

‘Catchier’ addresses

“By introducing .uk as a stand-alone domain we are simply providing another option for people to build their online success story with us,” Nominet said in a statement.

The company said the shorter domains are catchier for brands, and may seem less “corporate”.

During a consultation period, the launch of .uk was criticised by some, who argued it would create confusion and devalue the large existing body of domains ending in As a result, Nominet is giving all owners of addresses the option of first refusal on the equivalent .uk address for a period of five years, during which time those addresses will be unavailable to the general public.

If you want to register a .uk for your business we have a special offer price of £9.99+vat per year compared to our normal price of £26+vat per year.This is available for a limited period please go to and select Domain Registration:Special offer if you want to take advantage of this.



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