What is the ‘Sharing Economy’ and why does it matter ?

We seem to have a constant stream of change to our economic and business models with the pace of change fueled by the Internet and Social  Media.Just look at the way the big four Supermarkets have recently been caught out by changing shopping trends with the move away from big ‘all under one roof ‘ weekly shops .On a similar theme one really key trend is the so called ‘Sharing Economy’ and its really having an impact.

In simple terms its where individuals share information and services and bypass the traditional providers.For example there is a huge rise in people using the Internet and Social Media to organize home swaps for their holidays rather than use hotels.and travel companies.Another example would be the rise of car sharing/rental schemes that cut out the car rental companies.The Economist Magazine have a published an interesting article on the subject you can see this here,

There are many ways all businesses can benefit from this and other key trends so for more information contact us for a free consultation to help your business grow .


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