Domain Names are changing in 2014

A big shake up is coming to the internet in 2014 .Alongside traditional ‘s and .com’s hundreds of new domain extensions are being introduced from early 2014 and these could profoundly affect the way you market your business and how its found on the search engines.These include :

and hundreds more

When these are released, they will become available through a number of phases. These three phases below will help you decide when to apply for the domain(s) that you’re interested in.

This is the first phase that new domains will be released through. This is the phase during which you need to apply for your domain if you have a trademark that matches the domain that you want to secure. The dates that new domains go into Sunrise will vary, so ensure you create a watch list and register for updates. Then, we’ll let you know as soon as the date for the Sunrise period is set.
This is the phase where higher value, shorter and more memorable domains go on sale. Not all new  domains will necessarily have a Landrush period, but we will notify you if/when any of the domains on your watch list are due to go into this period.
General Availability
Once the Sunrise and Landrush periods finish, the new domains will then go on general sale on a first come, first serve basis. Some domains may have specific restrictions on their use – the rules that govern their usage will be set by the individual registries.

What to do next ?

Register with us and we will create a watch list for you and send you email alerts when domains you are interested in reach the stages above or become available for registration.  Get in touch here for updates with us and grab a unique domain that links your brand to your industry or location.


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