5 things to do this summer while your competition’s on holiday

Below is an extract of an Email I received today from Michael Heppell that addresses that old age problem of what to do about the ‘Summer Slowdown’ that we all ‘seem’ to suffer from you know the fact that key decision makers are on holiday and anyone who is in is covering for them or clearing their desks for their break !

I like Michael’s stuff especially his ‘ Flip It ‘ thinking .

‘There’s a popular myth that suggests the summer isn’t a good time for business. Really? Actually it’s the perfect time to do some Flip It thinking and clean up while others are napping. Here are five easy things to do:

1) Call everyone. “Hi just calling to see how you are and to find out if there’s anything we can do for you right now?” Better still call in.

2) Send your top ten contacts a post card. Plan ahead and make a note of names and addresses. You may want to be cheesy and say how you never stop thinking about them, or just say something sincere and from the heart.

3) Planning and preparation. So even if EVERYONE is on holiday, there’s no-one to call and you’re stuck in the office, this is a dream time to do some planning. Prep up your September and come out of the blocks firing!

4) Create some media attention. The summer is a notoriously poor time for the press. They are keener than ever to find good stories. So now’s your chance to raise awareness about your new product, make an announcement and contact your local business pages.

5) Invest in some reading for your holiday. There are loads of great books which make you better. Autobiographies, business and personal developments books cost a few pounds but contain masses of great information.

Here’s a tip: If you are looking for a personal development book for the beach then choose one that makes you smile as well as makes you think.’

I would also add rather cheekily you could always come on our Linked In Masterclass on 27th July in Liverpool and learn how to generate tons of new business !! see http://linkedin-masterclass2.eventbrite.com/

You can find our more about Michael Heppell at http://www.michaelheppell.com/


One thought on “5 things to do this summer while your competition’s on holiday

  1. Great advice Richard,
    I have been contacting businesses via the phone for years and apply this strategy myself. It works, people will use your company if you keep in touch.
    Whilst some decision makers will be away it’s also a great opportunity to speak to their colleagues, it never hurts to have another contact in case someone leaves.
    If you are close enough to the company you will know when they are away, where they are going and for how long. Asking for an emergency contact so that you can introduce yourself shows professionalism and commitment.

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